Seal of the Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School 

Design and description

The Seal of the Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School  is a replica of the  official logo of the former school name, GSIS Village High School.

The new IMSHS Seal, laced with the official school colors, is a circular shield depicting a flaming torch, with embossed inscription: "Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School Quezon City", the name of the learning institution and the city where it is located.

Inside the field are the elements inscribed from the original seal of the GSISVHS. At the center is a book superimposed with a torch and flame. On the left side is the laurel branch with a metal band crown vallary on the right. At the middle are numbers 1971, the year the school was established.

The Seal has several symbols inscribed on it. These symbols reflect the High School’s origin, philosopy and dreams. Each symbol has corresponding meaning attributed to it. These include the following:

The white Torch is an emblem of both enlightenment and hope -  it  symbolizes the vision of education to provide enlightenment to all the students as well as courage, determination and  everlasting burning desire to achieve success in this competitive society and to affect a positive change on the quality of life for the students.

The red Flame is universally associated with the Sun and stand for illumination, often in the sense of wisdom, knowledge and truth.

The white-bound Book signifies modern knowledge and quality of education.

The green Laurel branch is a symbol of recognition for the triumph, courage and bravery.  

The red metal band Crown Vallary surmounted by seven small palisades signifies par excellence of reaching the highest goal in learning:  for he or she who conquers himself or herself wins the crown of eternal life; and wisdom because wisdom holds the supreme place with man and woman thus crown them. Today, the seven palisades may also refer to the 7th month of the year and the 1970 era  when the former GSISVHS was founded on July 26, 1971.

Official Colors of the School Seal have special meaning:

Azure  (Blue) -  truth and loyalty

Vert (Green) -  hope, joy, and loyalty in love

Gules (Red) - warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity

Argent (White) - peace and sincerity

 © Description and impression by pioneer student George Magno Prado (GSISVHS Class 1973)

            The official IMSHS Seal photo above is first cyberpublished in this website

                              The Commissioner Ismael Mathay, Sr.

            © Photo source: The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 1944




The GSIS Village High School of Quezon City was founded in 1971, with the first students starting at the Grants Street campus in 1971. By virtue of Quezon City Ordinance Number 8605: S-71, full high school status was granted to the new institution on July 26, 1971 and it became the Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School of GSIS Village - Project 8 (Barangay Sangandaan) in 1996 with an annex-school established in 1993 at Toro Hills (Barangay Bahay Toro), now an independent school inaugurated on June 21, 1998 as part of the Philippine Centennial Freedom Trail and renamed the Pugad Lawin High School.





GSISVHS-IMSHS: Historical Profile


The GSIS Village High School is now an entrenched foundation of learning with its new name Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School.  Join us for reminiscence in time as we explore our roots and milestones from our humble beginnings in 1971 to the present.

The IMSHS is an acronym for the Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School, formerly called the GSIS Village High School (commonly known as GSISVHS). The alumni and students of the IMSHS are nicknamed the Ismaelians, also popularly addressed as the IMSHSians or Mathayans. Likewise, the graduates from the former GSIS Village High School are now dubbed the Ismaelians. They were formerly called the Villagers and Pioneers.

The Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School is centrally located along Branches Extension in  Sangandaan, a prominent district in Quezon City, former capital of the Republic of the Philippines. The former GSIS Village High School was established on July 26, 1971 at the exclusive compound of the modern village market on Grants Street in the village, originally known as GSIS Village, Project 8 - an upper middle class residential subdivision.

From its humble beginnings, the GSISVHS moved to Branches Extension when the village market turned into ashes in 1976. The former Quezon City mayor, Ismael Mathay, Jr. (1992-2001) contributed  in the transformation of the GSISVHS. During his incumbency, the GSIS Village High School was renamed after his late father, statesman and lawyer  Ismael Mathay, Sr.

In addition, the IMSHS-Annex in nearby Bahay Toro district is now an independent school and renamed Pugad Lawin High School on June 21, 1998 as part of the Centennial Freedom Trail. The Pugad Lawin High School took its name from the historic Pugad Lawin, location of the Filipino martyrs’ dramatic fight against the brutal 400-year Spanish colonialism at the final chapter of the Philippine Revolution.

Over the years, there have been many changes to the GSISVHS – from an annex school in Toro Hills in 1993 to main school and annex-school joint renaming in 1996 to school uniform. It was during the time of Mr. Fernando C. Javier (1996-1997) and Mr. Martin A. Mauricio (1997-1999), Principal III respectively when renaming and change of school uniform occurred. In 1996, the GSISVHS became IMSHS, however, the original school uniforms for male and female students were retained. At the beginning of school year 1998-1999, the new IMSHS uniforms for male and female students were introduced. The uniform had been redesigned to create a fresh and contemporary look that reflects the new school name and image.

Today, the Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School is a prime public secondary school in the Philippines and currently headed by Dr. Jenilyn Rose Basa-Corpuz, PhD., Principal IV.



Ismael Mathay, Sr.


Ismael Mathay, Sr. was a Philippine politician.

He studied law and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on 16 January 1925. Later, he was appointed by Sergio Osmeña, second President of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Philippines as Budget and Finance Commissioner for the War Cabinet (1944-45) before Executive Order 15W amalgamating and reforming the Executive Departments of the Commonwealth government on 8 August 1944. On 27 February 1945, Executive Order Number 27 was issued upon the reestablishment of civilian authority to the government of the Commonwealth, and a new cabinet was formed on 8 March 1945. Moreover, departments were consolidated and renamed. Osmeña created the Cabinet and Judicial Appointments (1945-46) and appointed Ismael Mathay, Sr. as Secretary of the Budget.

The former Secretary of the Budget then served as auditor of the Central Bank of the Philippines and retired from office on 12 May 1964. Subsequently, he held positions as auditor general, board director, and general manager of the National Marketing Corporation. 

Ismael Mathay, Sr. is the father of Augusto A. Mathay, lawyer, Philippine Bar, 7 February 1963 and Ismael A. Mathay, Jr., also a lawyer, Philippine Bar, 10 March 1958, who would later follow his father's political steps and who was instrumental to the flourish of the GSIS Village High School; grandfather of Ismael G. Mathay III, 2001–04 Congressman 2nd District, Quezon City  - Ponciano G. Mathay, lawyer, Philippine Bar, 18 October 1954 - Ramon G. Mathay, Quezon City Council, Board Member, 2005-06; and great grandfather of award-winning Manila film actress Ara Mina and model/television star Cristine Reyes.



Mr. Ralph Villagracia (Class 2011) stole an imposing shot of The Mathay Hall, one of the original buildings in the GSIS Village campus, displaying the atmosphere and aura of a close-knit and traditional public secondary school where the students are the inspiring energy and driving force behind and inside the school.


GSIS Village High School satellite map
Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School satellite map




The Incumbent Principal


Dr. Jenilyn Rose Basa-Corpuz holds a doctorate degree in Home Economics. An outstanding mentor, she has earned various awards and recognitions for her extraordinary performance in teaching and school management. An active practitioner of the Theory of Constraints for Education (TOCfE) in the Philippines, she has initiated and facilitated school-based seminars and trainings for teachers and students mainly concentrated on creative thinking and conflict management.

Dr. Corpuz is an official facilitator of the National Level Conferences of Philippine Association of Home Economics for State Colleges and Universities, also an active member of the Division Team for School-Based Management Training for school administrators. Likewise, she has presented a research on the integration of TOCfE tools in selected Technology and Livelihood Education components during the 8th International TOCfE Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA on August 11-14, 2005 as member of the Philippine delegation that also included Mrs. Corazon D. Santiago (Ret.), NCR Director; Dr.Levita V. Ramos, Principal of the New Era High School; and Dr. Elvira D. V. Dumlao, Principal of the Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School.

In addition, she was a featured speaker at the 14th International Conference on Thinking  held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 22-26, 2009.

Dr. Corpuz is an official member of the  Asian Regional Association for Home Economics (ARAHE) and active member of the Quezon City Principals and Supervisors Association.  She was principal of both Culiat High School Main campus and Culiat High School-Pasong Tamo Annex in Quezon City prior to her appointment as Principal IV of the IMSHS in 2006.




                                                                                                                                 Past Principals


                                                                                                                            Mrs. Regina I. Novales


                                                                                                                                Mr. Jose V. Aguilar


                                                                                                                            Mrs. Corona F. Simbul


                                                                                                                         Mr. Alexander S. Vergara


                                                                                                                            Mr. Fernando C. Javier


                                                                                                                             Mr. Martin A. Mauricio


                                                                                                                          Mrs. Felicisima F. Tañedo


                                                                                                                          Mrs. Armeda M. Maestro


                                                                                                                             Mrs. Emma E. Bautista


                                                                                                                               Dr. Justina S. Farolan




                                                                              Metamorphosis of the IMSHS  Uniform





In 1996, the GSISVHS became IMSHS, however, the original  school uniforms for male and female students were retained. At the final bell of the GSISVHS, the Class of 1995-1996 (photo left) wore the last blend of  traditional khaki for  the gentlemen and brown tie for the ladies, Photo by Mr. Mel Grospe Esteban (Class 1996)

The female students of Class 1997 wearing  the GSISVHS  female outfit for the last time while the male students sport the new style.  Photo by Mr. Alex Almonte (Class 1997)

The beginning of school year 1998-1999 is seen as transition period when the new IMSHS school outfit was introduced.  The female students of Class 1999- section Garnet displaying contrast between the old and new uniforms. Photo by Ms. Sarah Jane Sevilla (Class 1999)

                           The IMSHS Campus 

                           Inside the IMSHS Campus 



                                                                                         The Pioneers, Class of 1973 - Section 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo from the album of Ms. Bernadette M. Prado (Class 1976)


Seated (L-R) Dominga Dino, Emma Peralta, Aileen Sanchez, Mercy Castillo, Maria Eleanor Perea, Lili Ann Valiente, Ms Felicitas Alonzo (Adviser), Hope Quina, Maria Rita Basada, Myrna Caño, Lottie Carreon, Asuncion Aguirre, Emiliana Ortega

Middle (L-R) Alexander Aguila, Milnes Salita, Regina Yance, Bernadette Palafox, Mercedes Borja, Eleanor Rule, Amy Nena Arizabal, Anita Guillermo, Lucila Dayego, Josefina Ela, Liberty Siapno, Edgar Mamaril, Philip Balangue

Back (L-R) Alberto Andallo, Larry Reodica, Danilo Guevarra, Norberto Pula, Fernando Prado, Nick Aquino, Mario San Diego, George Prado, Dave Guerrero, William Felarca, Danilo Nolasco, Jose Batalla, Rogelio Miguel, Felix Baxinela, Roberto Balasa

Missing in pictorial: Marina Mitante, Eden Peña, Reynaldo Salvanerra



                "Recognizing past and stepping into future. IMSHS - a milestone of the village bounty."    n  George M. Prado (Class 1973)



                                                                                         Prominent Alumni

v    Arlene Sison (Class 1974), Manila film actress in the 70s; semi-finalist in the 1974 Miss Republic of the Philippines beauty pageant.


v      Elizabeth Fajatin Bautista (Class 1975), national beauty titleholder, Miss Republic of the Philippines-Visayas 1975; award-winning actress screen-named "Beth Bautista"; 1978 Gawad Urian Award Best Actress for her role in the movie, "Hindi Sa Iyo Ang Mundo, Baby Porcuna" and nominated in 1979 for the FAMAS Award for Best Actress on the same movie with Vilma Santos (Pagputi ng Uwak Pag-itim ng Tagak, 1978) and Susan Roces (Gumising ka Maruja, 1978) that was won by the latter.


v      Jerome S. Baxinela PSSupt (Class 1980), belongs to Class 1986 of the Philippine National Police Academy. Senior Superintendent of the Philippine National Police and Regional Director for Metro Manila Regional Office (MMRO) of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) which operates under the umbrella of the Office of the President of the Philippines.


v     Moises H. Latorilla PSSupt (Class 1974), belongs to the 52 graduate cadets of Class 1978 under the Philippine Air Force Regular Officers Procurement Program. Senior Superintendent of the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame, also military attaché under the UN Peacekeeping Mission including East Timor, Haiti, Cambodia and Kosovo as head of the 38-man PNP contingent.


v      Reynaldo S. Rodrigo (Class 1975), chief operating officer of US-based Health Care Solutions Inc., community officer and civic leader.


v      Aileen D. Sanchez-Hong (Class 1973), global telecommunications entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California, USA including Philippines and Vietnam.  


v      Nelson P. Nario PCSupt (Class 1974), belongs to Class 1980 of the Philippine Military Academy. Chief Superintendent of the Philippine National Police and deputy regional director for administration of the Police Regional Office 10 in Northern Mindanao, also directorate for research and development of the Philippine National Police-Preparation Committee under the chair of Chief Superintendent Silverio D. Alarcio Jr., PNP Director for Operations. PCSupt Nario was a former provincial police chief of Isabela Province.


v      Albert T. Rosales (Class 1975), Port Operations Officer (E-8) of the United States Naval Force Port Operations Cryptologic Technician - Collection based at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach near Los Angeles in California, USA.


v      Rogelio L. Miguel (Class 1973), general manager of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) in Muñoz City, Nueva Ecija serving water supply to Region III or the Central Luzon Region. Engineer Miguel is also the president of the Central Luzon Association of Water District.


v      Ricardo A. Benitez (Class 1979), Philippine-trained architect in New Zealand; planning and design manager of Prime Property Group in Wellington, New Zealand.


v    Emmie Puertollano-Abaring (Class 1973), exceptionally loyal alumna who returned to alma mater no “pioneer  alumni or alumnae” dared to tread after fulfilling her teaching degree where she taught Social Studies in both GSISVHS and IMSHS until her retirement. She later trekked the path to exhilarating European escapades that took her to as far as Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, and Germany.


v      Nerilyn A. Tenorio (Class 1975), journalist; business correspondent of Hongkong-based Thomson Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news organization providing information for media and business professionals.


v      Neofito C. Perilla LLB (Class 1989), chief of the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) Prosecution Division of the Philippine National Police.


v   Melchor Vergel De Dios (Class 1986), former president/owner of 1770 Garments Corporation; former president of Young Designer’s Guild (YDG) and member of the Fashion Design Council of the Philippines. A former member of the University of Santo Tomas Teatro Tomasino theater group, he designed the wedding gown of actress and Quezon City councilor Aiko Melendez and gowns of actress Heart Evangelista and television hosts Mel Tiangco and Solita “Winnie” Monsod. His designs were also behind famous brand names Vergel De Dios, Viz-a-Viz, and Pour Elle, carried by Cinderella shops. De Dios holds an education degree [in biology] and is a graduand in  clothing technology degree  at the University of the Philippines from the time of his demise in April 2006. [posthumous recognition]


                 * the author aspiring to find great lengths still in search for more notable alumni from 1972 to date for inclusion.




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           Photo source of the late Commissioner Ismael Mathay, Sr.:

                  The Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA

                   Getty Images


            * References used in the heading "Historical Profile" may be viewed by visiting the  Ismael Mathay, Sr. (GSIS Village) High School Alumni Link


        n n   originally written compiled researched conceptualized designed and cyberpublished in January 2005 by George Magno Prado (Class 1973)




"We need education. From my end, education is the only avenue for securing success and good future. There is no better weapon than preparedness, and being competitive. I challenge you to face this - we must face this - to produce the best, as I feel that in the future we will be the best."   

                                                                                                                           n   The Honorable Ismael A. Mathay, Jr. - 31 March 2004


 This purple-colored school seal capture is an extract of the original logo used in GSISVHSaa  first website of the GSISVHS-IMSHS and later used in the Wikipedia.

The Class of 2003 - section Jade looking very stylish with the new school uniform. Photo by Mr. Rolando Belas (Class 2003)

Idyllic Hawaiian song titled "Kawaipunahele", meaning  "the favorite waters". [ka (the) wai (water) punahele (favorite)]

Date and Time in IMSHS, Quezon City, The Philippines 


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   George is the first managing editor of "The Village Bounty", official school publication and founding member of  high school journalism in IMSHS. He left his homeland at age 21 more than three decades ago and served as writer/columnist for Australia-based The Philippine Community News and The Pilipino Herald  as well as multicultural broadcaster in his heydays. He studied science and later pursued oral medicine in the Philippines. He attended various universities including Sydney University.  No, he is not a dentist - but no halitosis with full natural 'close-up' teeth still intact. He loves to think  . . .   addict to fish seafoods sinaing la-ing and pinakbet.





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